history of the company

Bahman Production Factories Joint Stock Company (Phylor) was established in 1343 and its operation began on 01/25/1345. At the beginning of the work, refrigerator and freezer parts were imported and assembled from Philco in America and Hoover in England. It is worth noting that the name of the company was adapted from the combination of the words Filco and Hoover.

Following the changes in the company’s ownership and investment in machinery, the production of new refrigerator and freezer products began in 1351.

The company became a public company in 1354. After the revolution, most of the shares of the company were given to Sadouq Bozor Religious and Cultural Foundation, and it was renamed to Bahman Manufacturing Company (Public Stock) in 1362.
In 2013, the project of designing and building a new Bahman factory in Saeed Abad Shahriar was started on a land with an area of 230,000 square meters. At the same time, a contract was signed with the Merloni company in Italy, and according to that, the necessary technical knowledge and machines for the production of new models of refrigerators, freezers and refrigerators were provided to the company. In 2014, molds and machines were updated again with the cooperation of Merloni company, which is the technical department of Inzit and Ariston companies.
The capacity of the new factory is 350,000 units per year and its operation is ongoing, and the products of this company are produced according to Ariston Italy standards.

By producing quality products, Fillor Company has been able to export its products to countries in the region including Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Central and South American countries including Cuba and Venezuela. Also, due to the good reception of this company’s products in Cuba, the company launched one of its best-selling products in Santa Clara with the help of its efficient and experienced staff.

In order to provide better services to its customers, Fillor has 409 active agents across the country, which is one of the largest after-sales service networks in the country.


  • Entering the list of top five domestic companies based on creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Providing differentiated products and services
  • Compliance with quality and the best price
  • Stable and dynamic job creation

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